Nick Coxon - Foundation Sponsorship

Nick Coxon - Foundation Sponsorship

Nick Coxon has achieved a lot in his 26 years. From winning 5 national ranking events as an amateur golfer and coming 6th in the New Zealand Masters competition as a professional golfer, he has a long list of achievements to his name and shows no sign of slowing down.

The sport has taken him around the world, to where he currently is in Oregon, United States. Nick is touring in the US until the end of August, which will take him through Oregon, and then to Florida, where he is set to play the Summer St. Lucie Trail Classic, the Atlantic National Summer Classic, and then the Seagate CC July Classic back-to-back in a few weeks’ time from the 25th-27th July. Nick will finish his tour in California playing larger tournaments before returning home.

Nick credits his professional career to the Cater Plus Foundation, who has followed and supported his golfing career for the last five years. Turning professional in 2018 was a great achievement, and the Cater Plus Foundation has been behind him every step of the way, assisting him in getting to tournaments within New Zealand and Australia, and the United States. Nick also credits the support of founder Paul Hodge in his success; having someone to provide advice and support has been invaluable.

Playing at this level of competitive sport is not without its challenges. There is a large pool of talented players to compete with, and it’s tough to break through. But Nick is using this as motivation to better himself and raise his game to those he plays with. Spending at least 25 hours a week on the golf course, and more hour’s practicing, it’s a passion, and one that he is hoping will soon lead to a fulltime job.

And where to next? When Nick returns to New Zealand, he will put in a few solid months of practicing to get ready for Q school, to work towards getting a tour card. This tour card will allow him entry into golf tournaments for the 2023 season. And of course, getting in a lot more rounds of golf in the meantime.

“The Foundation is delighted to see what Nick has achieved and are proud to support him and those pursuing their goals now and into the future.”

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