The Trifecta at Cater Plus

The Trifecta at Cater Plus

At Cater Plus we pride ourselves on being a family. With family morals and values at the heart of our operation, being a family owned and operated business really sets us apart. This really is the case for Carol Brown, and Brooke and Hailey Hubbard; three generations of women from the Brown family working at Cater Plus.

Carol, the current site manager at Onelink, has been working for Cater Plus for 13 years. As one of the original staff members, Carol has seen a lot of change within the business, but the family values held have remained constant. Bringing her daughter Brooke into the business over 10 years ago, they worked together at Pacific Steel for around 6 months.
As Cater Plus has expanded and moved into more regions within New Zealand, it has opened more opportunities, and Brooke, now living in Palmerston North after moving from Auckland, is working as site manager at Countdown Palmerston North Distribution Center.

While they may work in different regions, they still like to bounce ideas off each other. Swapping recipes and talking shop is the usual. Feeding around 400 people each day between them with creativity and dedication, Carol and Brooke are real assets to Cater Plus. While they may not get to see each other as often as they’d like, they still talk regularly, and catch ups with family center around food. When asked what her favourite part of her job is, Brooke without hesitation replies “My favourite thing is just the culture within Cater Plus. The family culture.” Likewise, for Carol, the culture within the company is paramount. “There is more of a family unit, they’re always there to help you. At all the other ones (businesses) you’re just a number to them, they don’t really know who you are.”

A real testament to the culture at Cater Plus is now Hailey, Brooke’s daughter is working for the business, making three generations of Brown women in employment with Cater Plus. Working at Crest Private Hospital in Palmerston North, a highlight for Hailey has been learning new things, and building a passion for working in hospitality. As her first job, the staff at Cater Plus have taken her under their wing to help her and set her up for success.

The employees at Cater Plus make the company as great as it is, and we are proud to have amazing people like Carol, Brooke and Hailey sharing our Passion for Food and Excellence in Service, serving our customers with high quality food each day.

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