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Food Collective

New Zealand produces enough food to feed 20 million people, but every day tonnes of food is thrown out- 872 Million tonnes each year to be exact. With poverty in New Zealand reaching epidemic levels it seems incomprehensible that so many can be going without while there is so much being wasted. This is where Food Collective steps in.

Food Collective is an initiative started by Unilever Food Solutions, KiwiHarvest and Kaibosh Food Rescue who have teamed up together to redirect the food that is destined for the landfill and instead pass it on to charities and people in need.

By supporting Food Collective we are making an important contribution to the environment and our local communities. For every purchase made through Unilever, a portion of the cost is donated to Kaibosh and KiwiHarvest aiding them in donating meals.

Cater Plus are proud to be supporting Food Collective to raise money and rescue surplus food from our sites to donate to New Zealand charities. With a mission to leave the Hospitality Industry better than we found it, Cater Plus are extremely excited to support the Food Collective by making a difference in people’s lives, and with over 9,054 meals donated so far the success of the initiative speaks for itself.

For more information on Food Collective or to find out how you can make a difference visit:

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