Cater Plus POS

Cater Plus POS

Get greater value and better service with Cater Plus catering management software.

Cater Plus Point of Sale (POS) is a purpose built catering system that enables accurate reporting and accounting transparency. This equips you for better decision-making and continuous improvement of your catering services.

As accountability and expectations grow, day-to-day food service management and cash control have become unwieldy for many site managers. The Cater Plus POS catering system reduces manual processes that may be insecure and prone to errors. It puts the right information at your fingertips and makes handover easier for servery rosters.


Access to comprehensive, up-to-the-minute data means you can quickly provide routine reports plus any ad hoc information your Board needs. The catering system simplifies compliance with security and internal purchasing and financial control requirements.

A simple to use touch-screen makes it quick and easy to serve customers‚ and simple enough for volunteers to learn without a lot of training.

Designed specifically for New Zealand commercial-scale cafes‚ our catering software can be adapted to suit different facilities and personnel.

Our catering system hardware includes:
• User-friendly electronic cash register
• Dual screens for till and customer display
• Seamless EFTPOS integration

Our catering software features:
• Quality system documentation online
• Staff timesheets and leave applications
• Automatic staff discount pricing
• Book up integration
• Email reports to payroll for account deductions from staff pay
• Management account to charge back via monthly invoicing

Our catering management reporting:
• Real-time status reports and sales data
• Highest and lowest sellers
• Sophisticated search function
• Easy order transfer between tills
• Clear receipting including GST receipts

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