Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating

Support corporate wellness with fresh, healthy cafeteria menus that meet the Heart Foundation guidelines.

Promoting healthy eating is now a part of many corporate wellness solutions.

Half of your staff now require healthy eating alternatives to be satisfied with your menu offering, and the other half know they should be making better choices, but need you to make it easy for them.

Cater Plus has done all the healthy lifting for you, promoting healthy eating and corporate wellness by developing menus based on the Heart Foundation's Healthier Cafeteria Menu Guidelines.

This means every day, your staff and visitors get fresh, delicious, affordable meal options that also:

• Increase fruit and vegetable consumption
• Limit salt, sugar and saturated fat
• Substitute whole grains for refined grains where possible
• Focus on less-processed ingredients
• Promote variety and seasonal produce
• Help meet the nutritional needs of adults

None of this means a huge investment in specialty ingredients or methods, or giving up staff favourites like chips and baked goods entirely. Balance is a key part of every healthy eating plan, and not all fried food is created equal!

Following the Heart Foundation menu guidelines educates our staff in the best healthy eating practices. This includes everything from Chip Group Training to ensure all of our chips are cooked to the highest industry standard that maintains nutritional value, to bumping up the vegetable and fibre content of everyday staples, to creating fresh new options your staff can't help but choose.

Your corporate wellness is incredibly important to us, and not only do we know you don't have to sacrifice great nutrition just because you are running a business — we know exactly how to do it.

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