Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating

Support corporate wellness with fresh, healthy cafeteria menus that meet the Ministry of Health Eating and Activity Guidelines.

With over a third of our daily food intake at work, it’s important that your staff have access to balanced and nutritious food options to feed the mind and the body.

Taking a holistic approach to wellbeing is something Cater Plus fosters both in-house and with our clients and customers. We believe it’s important to have a balanced approach to nutrition to enhance cognitive performance, aid physical activity and provide the nutrients the body needs to maintain health, as well as keep our menus fun and innovative.

We understand that balance is the key, so we aim to complement our food offerings with a variety of healthy menu options without compromising on staff favourites such as baked and fried goods. to promote moderation and make sure your staff are set up for success.

Working closely with dieticians and following the New Zealand healthy eating guidelines allows Cater Plus to provide the right choices for your staff and visitors. We offer delicious, well-balanced meals that:
• Limit extra added salt and sugar
• Increase fruit and vegetable intake
• Use whole grains instead of refined grains
• Focus on less processed ingredients
• Promote variety and seasonal produce
• Help meet the nutritional needs of adults

Our staff are trained to create healthy and delicious food options to deliver a foodservice that satisfies even the most discerning palate. Your corporate wellness is incredible important to us, and not only do we know you don’t have to sacrifice great nutrition just because you are running a business- we know exactly how to do it.

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